An independant music supervisor by heart I am

My name is Jesper Gadeberg. Probably Scandinavia's most awarded music supervisor specialised in advertising. Directors such as Michel Gondry, Jonathan Glazer, Martin De Thurah, Martin Werner, Frederic Planchon, Kim Gehrig, Frederic Bond, Traktor, Felix Brady, Salomon Lighthelm and others. Agencies like Adam&Eve - W+K - Antoni and others. Brands like Adidas - Squarespace - Mercedes - Heineken - Burberry & Playstation and others. They all have in common that they make use of me as their music supervisor from time to time. Over the years I am a winner of 'best use if music' at Ciclope - Lions - D&AD & ADC etc. I was in the YDA 2023 Jury. I am in the 2024 AICP Jury. I am a speaker at music festivals on how to get your music placed in advertising.

I am specialised in researching and finding that particular style and piece of music that suits and enhances your creative idea - whether it be for commercials, movies, short fictions or TV.

After fourteen years of working in speciality record shops and the past 25 years as a full time music stylist / music supervisor I can guide you through any style or genre you might consider for your commercial. Or I can surprise you by finding something unexpected, yet fitting. Rest assured it is never about my personal taste. Though I do have a preferred style & tonality that I call 'film in advertising' musically speaking. The only thing that matters is this: What is the best musical solution for the commercial and the visual expression that you are creating?

You choose when in the creative process to involve me but I am often an integrated part of the creative team from the first synopsis - storyboard or directors treatment is done. Sometimes even before in the actual development of the idea & story. Sometimes Harvey Keitel style cleaning up the mess. Rough ideas and mood boards are very welcome. Maybe you are pitching a commercial, maybe you are further along in the process? What is important is that we talk about your wishes and ambitions. How do you envision the styling, casting, environment, look, edit, and overall feel? What is important to you and what is not? Based on our conversation, I can then begin the research for both musical style and/or a particular tune. In other words see me as your musical friend during the process.

Choosing the right music can help sell your ideas. It has often been proved that clients better understand the creative idea behind a commercial when it's presented with music. What they can perhaps not see, read or imagine on a storyboard can be brought alive with carefully selected music. The tempo, feel, time and mood of the commercial becomes apparent and your client will get an excellent feel for the end result - even at a early stage. Something most clients find very reassuring.

I am a bit of a 'romantic' when it comes to finding the song meaning that I let my intuition & experience rule in the process of the making. Analysing & going about putting song choices in to small little boxes that is a creative killer in my songbook. I would like for U to stand out. Sonic branding and all that stuff is not my thing. Nothing great really ever came out from such approach music creatively speaking. When you dare that's when you make a difference to your colleagues and competitors. No one was ever remembered for playing it safe.

Important!  I work with, but am totally independent from any particular record company and publisher thus maintaining my freedom to pick and choose the right music for you whereever it comes from. My contacts are literally worldwide and includes both the big and well known recording companies and publishers as well as the small, independent labels and music managements.

Love & Musica

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