Turkish Airlines
Five Senses with Dr. Oz
We Come From A Different Place
American Airlines
New York Minute
Extra Second
Act Against Uglyness
The Treasure

Producing U an original piece of music requires

...to find the right partner (composer or music production house) based on the given project and tonality needed. Making use of the same source over and over again is what most clients will do. This is wrong in my book because no one can handle any kind of briefs to perfection even if they would tell you so. You don't choose to work together with the same director either over and over again either - right?

The 6 commecials presented to your left I have all produced together with different sources of mine whether that sourse being in LA - Berlin or Copenhagen. I have produced music over the years for many clients all over the World including W+K - TRAKTOR - Bacon - Adam & Eve/DDB and many other clients. 

I am often being engaged to admin the full package when producing. This means finding the right temp track via a fully worked out music profile (music research) beforehand. Setting the right tonalilty was always a speciality of mine.

As per my saying: 'If you don't know which style of music that benefits and suits your commercial best possible you don't know which composer/music production house to turn to'. 

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